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For centuries, the quest for happiness and a deep sense of well-being has driven humanity to forge connections with the natural world. From the enigmatic stone circles of the Neolithic era to the contemporary resurgence of sustainable and organic products, there exists an innate human desire to establish profound and purposeful relationships with spaces and objects. While this philosophy has been embraced worldwide, it has been deeply ingrained in the heart of Denmark, influencing every facet of our lives, from the sanctuary of our homes to the functionality of our workplaces.

At VOLA, this philosophy has been our guiding light for over half a century, shaping how we conceive and craft our products. It’s an ethos that revolves around respect for our planet’s resources and the transformation of everyday interactions with water into moments that allow us to reconnect with nature, thereby enriching our overall well-being.

Within the confines of our homes, we can’t help but contemplate the spaces we occupy and the objects with which we engage. Our unyielding pursuit of contentment persists, irrespective of the relentless pace of modern life. This contentment takes on various forms, but it is most potent when derived from purity, simplicity, and integrity.

In the natural world, these qualities are abundantly present, providing us with the touchstones needed to soothe our minds, recalibrate our spirits, and strike a harmonious balance.

However, the essence of well-being extends beyond aesthetics and tactile sensations. Good design holds the power to elevate our lives, not only in terms of form but also in the realm of functionality. When Arne Jacobsen conceived the first VOLA tap, functionality was just as vital as form, a balance that remains unaltered since its inception in 1968. It is the synergy between form and function, the technology underlying the aesthetics, that endows a product with timelessness, enriching our daily lives with pleasure and meaning.

Our well-being is inherently intertwined with our values and beliefs.

When our surroundings and experiences resonate with these principles, we feel a profound sense of harmony and connection. The human inclination toward longevity has persevered, even during fleeting trends. Respect for natural resources remains a timeless cornerstone of any society. Knowing that an object endures, that it retains its utility and beauty long after our time, reinforces a sense of permanence that ephemeral possessions can never achieve.

In Danish culture, our reverence for natural resources has been shaped by our ancient landscapes. We design and manufacture every product in Denmark, diligently recycling 100% of the natural materials we employ. Once a VOLA product graces a space, it becomes a part of the legacy, passed down through generations. This is why we ensure that replacement internal parts are readily available for every product we create.

In an era where we increasingly scrutinize how our living spaces influence and mirror our identities, the dual influences of nature and design are more significant than ever. A simple, elegant shape, a form that exudes purity, and an object that seamlessly fulfills its intended purpose – these are the moments that imbue everyday life with deeper meaning. And deeper meaning, in turn, begets profound contentment and happiness.

VOLA: From respect for natural resources to shaping how we experience interactions with water, VOLA has always prioritised creating moments that allow us to reconnect with nature and enhance our wellbeing. There’s a peace of mind that is engrained in our philosophy; we have always been the original sustainable choice and our timeless designs cannot be matched. The complex process of the VOLA surface finishing will be showcased to illustrate how texture and the interaction with materials can positively enhance the user’s experiences in those everyday moments.

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Photography by Jonas-Bjerre Poulson

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